Lost my shit laughing at least 4 times + much needed doses of realness for the soul.

Frank N.

Points were made. Baby soft edges were snatched.

Asha G.

You're a fucking riot, one of the funniest wildest people in the world... you're entertaining in general, but even better that you've always got an outlook I can get in line with.

Dustin W.

I'm not even a 'podcast gurl' that's like so trendy & shit, I boycott them, EVERYONE has one, but this shit right here I LOVE THIS PODCAST

Janet R.

You have a great voice for podcasting and you bring up very valid points and say the absolute funniest one liners


Speaking for an extended amount of time with a high level of clarity on a subject matter really isn't easy and you made it look just that

Adriel M.

I'm still not over it! Yes it's that good, raunchy af, real, & FUNNY!!!

Adriana C.

You truly have a gift of bringing the political and economic world to 'us,' making it palpable for even people who don't have fancy degrees

Cinneah E.

I loved ittttttttttt and I'm critical as fuck but you had me laughing and informed at the same damn time

George A.

If you wanna laugh, stimulate your mind & then laugh again... follow and subscribe to PSA Papi®. This episode is a homerun.

Maxx D.

I died laughing for 45 minutes. A must listen.

Lauren C.

PSA Papi® never disappoints.

Olaitan T.