More About Me

A graduate of Emerson College, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies with a minor in Sociology. I focused my coursework on conflict resolution, crisis management, and presidential politics, while gaining media experience as a radio host on 88.9 WERS-FM and through internships at Viacom and E! News. As an activist, I co-organized demonstrations that drew thousands and challenged Emerson's racist administration and student body.

After college, I worked in the concerts department at ICM Partners, assisting in booking and servicing tours and festival plays for acts such as Migos, SZA, and Lil Baby. Despite not having a computer science background, I later transitioned into tech and became a full-time software engineer, working on back end supply chain solutions for Wayfair.

When I’m not cooking up a new episode, I enjoy traveling, lifting weights, drinking espresso, and going on casual walks in the park with my four-legged son, Seven.