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Sabotaging Minaj: Feud Foundations

Nicki Minaj is known for her colorful wigs and braggadocious bars, but her involvement in a number of public "beefs" has led some to dislike her. PSA Papi® returns with an investigative look into Nicki's earliest public disputes, examining the cultural narratives about these conflicts against what actually happened, and highlighting the effects of misogynoir in media. In this episode: Lil Kim, Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg, Mariah Carey, Iggy Azalea, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus.

Ep 9: Pride and Pulpits

Originally published on 7/24/21, I took this episode down after receiving a barrage of hatred and being called a false prophet. Well, after a week with the Lord, God has revealed that He still wants me to deliver this message, regardless of who's still going to be mad: The Lord doesn't condemn homosexuality, but does condemn people abusing His name, His word, and His authority to persecute LGBTQ+ folks. The Kingdom of God belongs to the gays, too, and we explore a personal testimony before debunking popular misconceptions about supposed anti-gay scripture using "Seven Gay Texts: Biblical Passages Used to Condemn Homosexuality" by Professor Robert K. Gnuse, PhD, who is the James C. Carter, S.J./Bank One Distinguished Professor of the Humanities and Chair of the Religious Studies Department at Loyola University New Orleans.

Content warning: sexual assault/rape, disabilities, homophobia

Ep 8: Ink and Israel

This week, I tell of the testimony behind my hand tattoos, and share my take on the so-called Israeli-Palestinian "conflict" at the direction of God Himself. Chicago organizer and MSW candidate Samer Owaida (@yourfriendsamer) and Gabby Aossey (@hellokittyfreak1010), who has a BA from UCSD in communications and Middle Eastern studies, join me for an interview on what's taking place in Occupied Palestine. Tattoo and photo by Matt Buck (@he_draws). Sound, as always, by Conor Kenahan (@conmaniac).

Ep 7: Change

This week, I walk you through a testimony two years in the making and spill all the tea about how I went from being a broke and depressed stoner and player to a six-figure zaddy in an industry I had literally no business breaking into... all by the grace of God. Put your AirPods in, boo - this testimony's spicy af.

Ep 6: Bader and Bu$$y

This week, we explore the asinine ass-kissing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and address the late justice's racist life. Porn stars Luke Truong (@LukeTruongXXX) and Nicolás Villalón (@NicoKrakenXXX) also join me to discuss Bella Thorne's OnlyFans fiasco, and talk sex, work, and shooting (in more ways than one). 🍆💦⚖️

Ep 5: Clowns and Coronavirus

Did you miss me? This week, I return to assess the validity of popular coronavirus conspiracies before discussing Tekashi 6ix9ine's triumphant return to trolling with rapper OG Swaggerdick (@ogswaggerdick) and Malcolm J. Gray (@malcolmjgray), social media manager for [world's largest live entertainment company whose views are not necessarily reflected in this episode].

Content warning: sexual assault

Ep 4: Popeyes and Partnerships

This week, we explore the Equinox boycott, the now sold out Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich, and Jay Z's new deal with the NFL. Joining me to discuss, we have Nyla Wissa (@nylawissa) - Social Media Manager for everyone's favorite Hollywood showrunner, Leo Chiquillo (@leochiquillo) - Director of Audience at a digital media company in LA, and Kahlil Keys (@kkeys24) - Senior Manager of Brand Partnerships at a global sports and entertainment firm.

Ep 3: Ask Papi

This week, I answer your listener letters and give advice on clout-chasing "friends," dealing with a partner who keeps your cuca dryer than a desert, and how to find out if your "straight" date is actually gay. 👀

Ep 2: Implying and Impeaching

This week, I teach a brief lesson on communication through the lens of Toilet Water Tammy and the media's bias in Eric Garner's death, and discuss the "Send Her Back" spat between The Squad and the Not-So-Great Pumpkin.

Ep 1: Bagels and Bootyflakes

The one that started it all. This week, we explore why USA is actually not #1, clout chasing in the music industry, and the grieving gremlin known to haunt breakfast spots in search of sympathy and punani.